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System Selection & Integration

Health IT Professionals
can assist your organization in the selection and integration of new healthcare information technology and systems.  Meeting government healthcare IT requirements and incentives such and ICD-10 and Meaningful Use is a major driver in the rapid change of health IT systems.  Our system selection and integration services include:
We have experience in selecting and integrating new clinical, financial, and management systems.
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Package Selection - Identify business requirements, develop a list of candidate solutions, develop and submit a Request for Proposal (RFP), evaluate RFP responses, conduct vendor evaluations, and identify a package solution that meets your organization's needs.
Vendor Contract Negotiation - Develop a contracting approach, define a pricing strategy, and document the scope of work to be performed by the vendor.  This activity also includes a review of the software and services contract and negotiation of appropriate terms, timelines, and guarantees to meet your system implementation requirements.

System Implementation & Integration - Implement the selected application within your health IT system infrastructure and identify and build the required integration to other systems to allow the sharing of health information and maximizing efficiencies of your clinical workflows.
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Health IT Consulting and Resource Staffing
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