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We can assist you in defining, selecting, customizing, and implementing a Patient Portal to help you achieve Meaningful Use criteria.
Patient Portal

Health IT Professionals
can assist your organization in designing, implementing, and managing a patient portal.  Patient portals can enhance patient-provider communication and enable patients to check test results, refill prescriptions, review their medical records, and view education materials.  In addition, patient portals can simplify administrative tasks such as streamlining registration, scheduling appointments, and providing patient reminders.  We can assist your organization with the implementation of a patient portal in the following areas:
Portal Design & Implementation - Define and implement a custom or package-based portal that meets both your organizational requirements and Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements.
Marketing & Rollout - Develop programs for marketing the portal to targeted patient segments, and a plan for deploying the portal in relation to functionality and geographic markets.
Meaningful Use Demonstration - Assist in the demonstration  of Stage 1 Meaningful Use Requirements and collection of federal payment.  Patient portals will demonstrate three Stage 1 Core requirements including providing patients with an electronic copy of their health information, providing patients with a clinical summary of the office visit, and entering or modifying personal or demographic information.
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