We have experience in the design, implementation, 
and governance of both private and public
Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).
Health Information Exchange

Health IT Professionals
can assist your organization in planning, implementing, and managing your Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform for sharing health information between healthcare entities.  We can assist you in planning your HIE infrastructure and strategy, and assist you in meeting Meaningful Use requirements and obtaining federal financial incentives.
Governance & Policy Creation - Define and implement a governance model that establishes the policies and standards to protect legal interests, increase interoperability, and decrease the cost and complexity of exchange.
Data Integration & Exchange - Implement the technical infrastructure to be able to send and receive health information, and integrate that information with existing clinical systems, electronic health records (EHRs), and regional and national health information exchanges.
Privacy & Consent - Establish a model for maintaining patient privacy and obtaining patient consent, and integrate this design into the organization’s governance model, processes, and HIE.
Training & Adoption - Enhance physician and end-user adoption through the development of training materials, marketing collateral, and HIE monitoring and utilization tools.
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