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Our professionals can assist you in selecting, implementing, and supporting an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) database.
Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)

Health IT Professionals can assist your organization in selecting and implementing an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) product to remediate patient identification issues and promote the exchange of accurate patient information across clinical systems.  Having a single patient EMPI will result in increased patient safety, enhanced quality of care, and reduced healthcare delivery costs.  We have an experience EMPI implementation team and a proven implementation approach including:
Data Investigation - Analyze a representative set of patient records from each EMPI data source to identify patterns, frequencies, weights, and exclusions.
Algorithm Customization & Data Loading - Configure and tune the matching algorithm according to the results of the patient data analysis and load patient data into the EMPI database.
Integration Interface Setup - Deploy interfaces required to connect the EMPI to its various connected systems.
Application Configuration - Tailor the application settings to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
Operations and Support - Provide application support training and ensure data quality management.
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