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Clinical Decision Support

Health IT Professionals
can assist your healthcare organization in selecting and implementing a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool to integrate into your clinical workflow.  Clinical decision support tools embrace best practices and present physicians with information that can be used to optimize quality of care.

These tools are often incorporated with electronic health record systems with the goal of providing the best practice information at the point of care where physicians can integrate the tools seamlessly into their workflow.  We can help your organization with the following:
Clinical Decision Support Implementation - Select a compatible Clinical Decision Support tool and implement the technical infrastructure to integrate electronic health information into the clinical data repository, allowing enhanced decision-making in the clinical workflow.
Clinical Reporting - Define and develop clinical quality measures and mechanisms to capture key measurement data, including analyzing the effectiveness of the CDS in improving care processes and outcomes.  In addition, define and implement measurements to evaluate your organization's financial performance.
Our professionals can assist your organization in designing and implementing clinical data repositories, and developing tools for analyzing clinical and financial performance.
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